In 1997, a new church began meeting in Faubian Middle School on McKinney’s east side. McKinney Fellowship Bible Church was a faith-filled endeavor, spearheaded by a group of families determined to see the unchurched in the community experience the love of Christ through his people. 

For over 20 years, Christ Fellowship has been known for its authentic relationships, Bible teaching, heartfelt worship, and its growing diversity. What began as a small handful of families exploded into a fast-growing congregation. God led us to our new home at 2801 Orchid Drive, gave us a new name, provided a building where we could regularly gather, and used the church to make a tangible impact during some of our community’s most pivotal moments. In 2018, we added a new campus in Anna. Meanwhile, the church continues to make a difference in countries around the world.

Today, the world is quickly changing. Tectonic shifts in the culture around us require a bold, new approach to ministry. We can’t do ministry the way we’ve always done it before. 

The next chapter of impact has begun – and it’s happening around the table.

Watch the REveal

Get a taste of how Christ Fellowship is reaching Collin County over the next five years.

A growing epidemic

Collin County today hardly resembles the community it was in the late 90s. McKinney has grown from a small town to a rapidly expanding city. The population sprawl of Dallas continues to push northward into communities like Anna, Melissa, and Prosper. The region has become the epicenter of Dallas-Fort Worth’s explosive population growth. Over 180,000 people are moving into DFW each year.

Meanwhile, the county’s population alone recently passed the one million mark. The growth is fueled by the rapid relocation of major corporations and innovative startups. All of this has resulted in an upper-middle class, socio-economic bubble. On the surface, it seems like an ideal community. But a closer look reveals a community of isolated families who are secretly overwhelmed by demanding jobs, select sports, unrealistic schedules, and an unrelenting pressure to succeed.

Left unchecked, these trends will rapidly fuel the increase of suicide rates, divorces, and the breakdown of basic family relationships. Both physically and spiritually, it’s a life and death situation. Numerous studies show that the greatest remedy to these issues is authentic community. Yet, as our region becomes increasingly isolated, the transparent conversations that fuel relationships have become a lost art. We’ve lost even the ability to develop friendships.

For the gospel to penetrate our community, this must change.

Our vision is to reduce loneliness, anxiety, and addiction by having meaningful conversations where people can experience Christ through us.

In the next five years, God will use us to transform lives in Collin County by breaking the bonds of loneliness, anxiety, and addiction. This will happen as we go out, engaging our families, friends, classmates, and coworkers in thousands of meaningful conversations that invite overwhelmed individuals to experience the presence of Christ through us. We will come alongside others, empathize with their needs, and organically invite them to experience Jesus.

The anxious will experience peace, the overwhelmed will find rest, and the addicted will taste freedom as they encounter God through his people. As a result of these efforts, the people of Collin County will enjoy the life their Creator designed for them, marked by love, rest, purpose, and community.

Join the Movement

As a church, we are getting outside of our bubbles, our comfort zones, and walls of our church. We’re impacting the people around us. Who will you have a series of meaningful conversations with this year? CF Encouragers are those who are committed to living out this new vision. Sign up below, so we can gift you resources and community to support your CF Encourager lifestyle.